About Me

Bee Skelton studied fine art at the Cyprus College of Art, and the Open College of the Arts UK. Since 2003 her work has been commissioned by international clients from countries including USA, Canada, Singapore, France, Holland, Denmark, Cyprus, South Africa and UK.

Bee's current work is concerned with the effects of light and colour; 'happy colours' from nature. 'The flowers I paint are not botanical, and the landscapes not photographic. Shapes are to express colour, not outline'. Sketchbooks are used as a visual diary; over time 'scribbles' and quick studies feed into the imagination, often sparking inspiration for a studio painting. At other times paintings are worked from start to finish on location, using direct observation.

Bee also works to commission from clients' own photos, painting portraits of people and pets, houses, favourite places and landscapes.

Favourite media; oils or acrylic paint, mixed media and collage on canvas, board or wood.

Originally self-taught, Bee first became involved with art commercially by creating design projects for a British needlecraft magazine publisher.

After moving to Cyprus, she attended classes at the Cyprus College of Art, and studied fine art with the Open College of the Arts UK.

Now back home in the UK, she and her husband live in the Warwickshirel countryside with several dogs and cats rescued whilst in Cyprus.

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