About the artist

'I'm a painter of happy brightly coloured pictures. Picasso believed that every child is an artist. The difficulty as an adult, is maintaining their joyous simplicity and clarity of vision. I aim to keep trying. So if you're looking for deep, moody and meaningful art, you won't find it here.

Previously a traditional portait and mixed media artist, I now concentrate my practice on making paintings intuitively in a contemporary naive style, inspired by my surroundings, memory, nature, animals, people, places and landscape. I work mainly in acrylics on paper, canvas, board or wood.

You are welcome to contact me for information about any of my work, and to discuss private commissions.

I studied fine art at the Cyprus College of Art, where I was living at the time, and the Open College of the Arts UK. My work has been commissioned by clients from countries including USA, Canada, Singapore, France, Holland, Denmark, Cyprus, South Africa and UK.