About the artist

People who buy my art want joyfulness in their lives. I paint with happy colours, telling stories about special places and people. I've always been fascinated by children's art. Picasso believed that every child is an artist. The difficulty as an adult, is keeping their joyous simplicity and clarity of vision. I aim to keep trying.

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Previously a traditional portrait and mixed media artist, I now concentrates my practice on making portrait paintings of my life and lives of others' in a contemporary naive style, inspired by people and surroundings, landscape and memory; working mainly in acrylics on wood panels and canvas.

I accept commissioned work which involves a close collaboration with clients, often to picture personal elements of their lives, house and garden, town, favourite place, holidays, celebrations, people and pets. People who buy my art want joyfulness in their lives.

I studied fine art at the Cyprus College of Art, where I lived for several years, and the Open College of the Arts UK. My work has been commissioned and is in private collections of clients from countries including USA, Canada, Singapore, France, Holland, Denmark, Cyprus, South Africa and UK.

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